Want to find birth parent, a child you placed, or sibling?

Were you adopted? Did you make the difficult decision to give a child up for adoption and now that child is at least 18? Have you been searching for your birthmother or birthfather, a child, or sibling and exhausted your resources? If so, award-winning documentary producers want to hear about your experiences for a new network television program and help! The show will explore the profound issues involved when families separate and the lengths some go to reunite, find answers, and discover lost family. Are you searching for a loved one? Do you know someone who is? If you or someone you know is seeking answers, please consider sharing your story with millions who might benefit. We can make a difference!
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I have ben searching for my birth parents since I turned 18, but without any luck. I cant even count the number of hours that ive spent online, signing up with every registry i could find, only to be disappointed again and again. It gets hard sometimes and I get discouraged because I put so much effort into something that is so important to me, only to realize or feel that I'm not that important to anyone else or that maybe noone cares enough to want to find me or know who I am or what Ive become. Kinda leaves one feeling isolated and alone.
What state were you born in and what date. I am looking for a child I put up for adoption when I was 17.
ISO birthparents; I am 45 and have searched off and on for 20+ years; both adoptive parents have passed away; I am a teacher and a seeker of knowledge; I am finally putting a more concerted effort into this search. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Give us more infomation
DgSensei said...
ISO birthparents; I am 45 and have searched off and on for 20+ years; both adoptive parents have passed away; I am a teacher and a seeker of knowledge; I am finally putting a more concerted effort into this search. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please post your DOB and where, if known, and your gender, I am looking for a boy given up, but after doing the math, you were probably born in 1965. I am looking for my sisters bson born july 1963. He would be 47 going on 48 now..so not you.
Hi, I'm Danette, John's wife, he asked me to keep an eye on this thread for him..He was born December 18, 1964 in Riverside. Ca. put into Childrens Home Society in Riverside, Ca
fl here..march 1980 looking for my birth mom..
On behalf of a friend I am helping her in locating her Brother who know would be 25 years of age. He was born in Newfoundland and adopted around the age of one year due to birth and family complications. My friend and her sister have been looking for him now for a while with no luck. they are disparately hoping to find him and reunite. If anyone knows any information at all regarding this please contact me, you can also Emily Chalk anonymously at emily.chaulk@hotmail.com. There is a picture in my profile of the little boy who would be around the age of one at the time.
Information as Follows!

Given Name at Birth: Allan Clarance Mansfield Chaulk

Date of Birth: July 24th, 1986

Mothers Name: Christine Chaulk

Father's Name: N/A

Siblings: Jennifer Taylor (Chaulk)
Emily Chaulk

Another Important piece of information when he was born At birth he somehow ended up with a dislocated hip, which it may or may not have issues with today.

Anyone with any any information weither you think you may know something or not please contact me. Thank you for your help :love:
I have searched for nearly 60 years for any traces of my birth family.

I am Black Market. Sold into adoption in the mid 30's through the Veil Hospital For Unwed mothers in W. Chester, PA.

It was a different era then. No one had much concern related to an adoptees need to search.

Born: 4-10-1935, Veil Hospital for Unwed Mothers, W. Chester, PA Adopted the same year.
Help starting a search...
[FONT="Georgia"]Hello. I just found out this afternoon actually that I have another Brother. I am now so curious I want to find this person. I have the Birth Fathers full name, Birth Mothers Last Name, Hospital & City of Birth, Year & Either Aug or Sept. How do I find this person? Even if I never approach my brother I still am more than curious to know as much as I can. Yet have NO clue even how to begin. [/FONT]
m here 1991..
i am happy..
anyone searching for an adoptee born 4-10-35 in W. Chester, PA and adopted through the black market please contact me.

I am searching for any birth family.

I think if you want to find your relatives on the forum, you can post picture of them on the forum, or describe a specific information. May be finding would be easier
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