We have had one of our foster kiddos since June18...the day after he was born. I asked the caseworker back in November for a copy of his ss# and birth certificate. As of today, they still do not have his birth certificate and they do not know whether or not he has a ss#. We were needing his ss# to file our taxes. Is there any way that I can find out (other than the caseworker) if he has a ss# or not? In my past experience, I filled out the info for all my bio kids ss# at the hospital and it was then mailed to me. I am wondering if the parents filled out the form and the card was mailed to them. This caseworker is in no hurry to get the documents to me. Any help here would be very much appreciated!
You should be able to go the social security office to get the number (not a card). They'll give you a print out saying this social security number belongs to this child. Usually you need three forms of ID for the child proving age, identity and citizenship. Something like that. A shot record, your placement agreement, and a medicaid card should work. Bring whatever else you have just in case. A letter from your social worker on official letterhead stating that you have permission and listing all her contact info might be helpful too.
You can find the closest location here: [url][/url]
Just a suggestion about the forms of ID.
My school age kids' SScards were lost when my purse was stolen. We took school records and birth certificates to the office. The worker there told us that birth certificates were only proof that the child was BORN, not that this was WHO he was.
We had big old hoops to jump through to get new cards issued.
I'd call the local office first to find out what they will and won't accept before going over there to do the inevitable wait. Maybe your office will be a little more reasonable than my office!
I had to do this last year for my then FS. All I needed was a letter from his working stating I was his foster mother and photo ID. They gave me the number but not a card.
I have been able to get a fc ss# from the person who issues the medical cards. She is the one who gets all that info when a child comes into care. Just an idea.
I've done the same as Withay.... call whoever takes care of the Medicaid card and they should be able to help you out.
They have a new policy in Vegas regarding SS#. You can only get the number if you have a letter from your accountant with proof that you've spent more than $7K on the child (which is well over what the stipend is).
Luckily, we got our munchkins' numbers about 2 weeks before this policy went into effect.
I would say if the case worker isn't giving it out, you should go to her supervisor and continue up the chain until you get it. You may have to specify that it is for your taxes. You could also contact your state foster parent association for help.
I had to do this this month as the case worker had not filed for one on a child I had in my home. I finally got an answer when I sent certified letters to the CW, Supervisor, Area Administrator, Regional administrator and the State Ombudsman's office.
It just boiled down to it not being high priority for the case worker and she needed a push to get it done. I mean he's only been in care a year. :(
As far as getting the number, the agency's should release it as it is FEDERAL tax law that says you can claim the child if you meet the Federal requirements.
Any agency that says that you can't claim the child on your Federal taxes would be suspect to me since they are then giving you tax advice for which they are not qualified to do. That's up to you and your accountant. As far as how much you contributed out of your own pocket, that means test was done away with a few years ago and the stipend is not considered part of the child's income as is is not reflected on their Social Security number, if the case worker has gotten them one.
I am going to qualify this with the fact that I am not a tax professional, just a foster Mom who has taken some classes and does her own taxes. All of this tax stuff can be answered by the National Foster Parent Association, whether you are a member of not. They have a handbook you can download for free. They are also great about answering your tax questions.
I think if you can claim your foster kids, you should. I know that it's great to have the extra money to pay for the extras like outdoor equipment or fun outings that these kids deserve.
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