Does anybody know of any online fundraiser ideas? We are going to be adopting in the next couple of months, so looking for any ideas on fundraising!
I signed up for and thinking of asking people to put it on their blogs or similar.
My husband and I are also in the process of adoption. He and his brother are setting up a webiste to share fundraising ideas, provide financial resources, and also raise money for your adoption. If you or anyone else is interested in being notified when it is up andrunning, send me an e-mail to
We have just begun our second adoption. One way we are paying for it is with the ad revenue from our blog. (PM me for the link.)This will not pay for all of it, but it will cover some of the cost. When we are through, the revenue from this site will be used to start an adoption ministry at my church to help families cove the cost of home studies and background checks. If the site is very sucessful our goal is to start an adoption grant for Christian Couples.
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Sorry for late response, but still if anyone needed online fundraising ideas then this post help them. Online fundraising tools is a systems which makes it easy to create a viral, social fundraiser and start collecting donations in very quick time. Fundraising is a great event solution for the non profits organizations.
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You can create the online fundraising page a any fundraising website or create an event for fundraising. You can also get ideas from
My Husband and I attended a foster/adoption meeting at our church a couple of nights ago and I learned that adopters sometimes fundraise to help with the cost of their adoptions.
I have a candle business and depending on the product chosen it could give someone up to a 40% profit. It could be done online through my website or we could set up your own fundraiser, home candle party, lots of options.
If anyone is interested please let me know. I would be so glad and blessed to help.
If you are curious to fundraising through internet you can find many website to do fundraising. Now days social fundraising one of the best solution. The provide online fundraising solution. You can take a glance.
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seems to have very good reviews and we know a few people who have used it with great success.
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