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i am looking for my sister she was given up for adoption in idaho when she was 6 monthes old. Her birth name was talisa marie.
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my name was maria at birth i believe. I was born at st lukes hospital in boise id 5/4/70. I now live in the Portland/Vancouver area. Maybe this helps? I am looking for my birth family.
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Dear Michele,
I was adopted out of Idaho around the same that same time. Do you have any idea when yoru sister was born or how old she would be now and what is yrou mothers first name?? My birthmoms name may have been debbie or deborah, etc......
Hope you are doing well with yrou search.
It seems your original post was set up years ago, so my reply might be in vain. It might not though. I was born in Nebraska, but the final paperwork for my adoption was signed by my adoptive parents in Boise, Idaho when I was several months old. My adoptive father was a career officer in the Air Force, so he and the rest of our family moved to Boise from Omaha, NE due to a reassignment to an Air Force base near Boise. I was born April 30, 1963. My adoption was finalized in Idaho several months later. Does any of this sound familiar? If so, please contact me at Thanks and take care.
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