[FONT="Courier New"]Baby girl born on 5-24-1968 at Richmond Memorial Hospital in Richmond, VA. I was baptized 5 days later at Cathedral of the Sacred Heart Church in Richmond, VA. When trying to obtain my baptismal certificate from the church there appeared to be a clerical error and my date of birth was listed as 5-23-1968. Needless to say I was unable to get a copy of my original baptismal certificate. I was informed by the priest who baptized me that all of the babies he baptized, their mother’s stayed at the Elizabeth Seton Maternity Home. (It closed down and when reopened was called the Seton Maternity Home.)
My birth mother did not place me for adoption in VA, she took me from the hospital and surrendered me to Catholic Charities in Canton, Ohio on 6-10-1968. I was moved to Catholic Charities in Warren, Ohio a month or so later where my adoption was finalized.
I honestly do not know if my mother was from Ohio or Virginia. Due to both states having very strict laws concerning adoption, I have hit dead end after dead end.
I do have my Non-Identifying Information from both adoption agencies in Ohio. From that I have been able to get some information on my birth mother and two potential birth fathers.
My birth mother was between 18 - 19 years old when she had me. She met my potential birth fathers at college and subsequently had to drop out because of her pregnancy. I also know that my birth mother was also adopted at the age of 2 years old. I have some medical information about her. I know that her adopted father was an Attorney and that she had 2 younger brothers, who were also adopted. I do have some information on one of the potential birth fathers but very little on the other one.
I have tried getting information from the State of Ohio and needless to say it was a major dead end.
If anyone knows anyone who stayed at the Elizabeth Seton Maternity Home during the end of May 1968, please contact me. I would love to talk to them to see if they possibly remember my birth mother. I can be reached at or at