My husaband and I are goign through the process of adpoting from DHS. Our original case worker quit and a month and a half later after many calls and emails we found out that she was no longer with DHS. Since then they continue to miss place our information. Is this a normal process? All information would be greatly appreciated.
Trina :grr:
I have been doing foster care for 3 years now and have already adopted one and in the process of adopting another from oklahoma dhs luckly i have had great workers and they have done there job well. it seems like you need to start going up the chain and start raising some feathers, they like playing dumb but when you reach the right person they get fire under there butts and get busy. that happened with my sister and she just kept going over there heads and finally got it all tooken care of. wish you luck
Thank you for your response. This is our first time dealing with adoption. I now have a new case worker and my homestudy has been sitting on his supervisors desk for 2 weeks. So we dont know if they have approved us or not. Who is the right person if you dont mind me asking?
I would go to the supervisor over foster care everyone has a supervisor but there is a head person over everyone in foster care thats what i would do.
We are also in the process of adopting through DHS and had the same problem...(We might have had the same caseworker...) I called the adoption supervisor (Jane DiJiusti - not sure that's the correct spelling of her last name) and worked with her until they got us transitioned over to the new worker. We have had smooth sailing since then, but I do call or email pretty regularly to ensure that she knows who I am and doesn't sweep us under the rug...Best of luck!
hi am new here.i live in okla.i am wanting to foster/adopt
or adopt thru dhs.i live in grady county.just got packet
to start process.
Thats awesome that you are wanting to foster/adopt i love hearing that people are joining. good luck and i wish you the best.
Hi all,
Praise the Lord!!! We our home study has been approved! My new caseworker has really great. He has answered more questions in the 25 mins that I talked to him than I have gotten in a year. So we are hopefully getting close to the end of the road. Good luck Chickette it is a long process but will be worth it in the end. Just hang in there.
w8ing2adopt that is great!!! i am glad that you finally got someone that will talk and answer your questions. approval is awesome as well. let us know when you recieve your bundle of joy its the best feeling in the world knowing your helping. i am so thankful wish there was more people doing foster/adopt. good luck...