international adoption dissolution/disruption
Hello dear members of this site!
I am a PhD student at Louisiana State University, USA and I focus my research on international adoption dissolution/disruption.

If you have experienced adoption dissolution/disruption or know somebody who has, your stories would be welcomed.

I primarily am interested in the following factors concerning international adoption dissolution/disruption:

1) What age was the child?
2) Where the child was adopted from?
3) What was a primary reason for dissolution/disruption?

Thank you very much for your help and cooperation and for any information you can provide me with.
If there is any forum, group, association, organization etc. who deal with parents and/or children who faced adoption dissolution/disruption, or if there is anyone out here who is willing to tell their story, I would appreciate it very much. Your experiences or any other related information will help lead to improvements in international adoption protocols, so newly adoptive parents have positive experiences.
This research is important as tehre is no data available in the real world. THe issue is there but it is stigmatized and no one is talking about it or trying to improve anything.

Your answers and/or insight is important to address the issue of international adoption/disruption.
Is it just me or does it seem strange to have a dissolution / disruption discussion within the success stories message board?
it is not just you but tehre is absolutely no other place on this site where i could put this threat. So i decided to put it here instead of putting it in some country or among questions about the price or agencies
Actually, we'll have more success stories if we can identify the factors leading to disruption/dissolution, and ensure that everyone involved with adoptions is aware of them and working together to mitigate their effects.

sak9645 that is exactly why i am focusing on dissolution/disruption in my disseration - to find solutions and preventive methods for adoptive parents
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