Hi everyone. I am looking for a adoptee. I have been told it was a boy but that could be wrong. So, the adoptee could be a guy or girl. Born Spring Summer or Fall of 67 0r 68.
Would have been a closed adoption.
You would have some German,Swedish heritage and not sure what your birthmom's heritage is.
May have been through Lutheran Services or Catholic Services.
Your parents were college age.
So if any of this rings a bell, message me. Any detail could be wrong due to the fact I am going on such limited info. Relative seeks to find you and loves you already.
I have no info on anything other than it was thru Lutheran Social services and I was born in Sioux Falls to a young couple, I have had no luck finding anything and have tried on and off for 15 years. I dont know if this is a match but worth a try anyways. My # is 706 830 8763 my name is Steve if you would like to discuss this further.