My wife and I got a call tonight from Lil saying that we had been selected by one of her birthmothers. Our concern is that we have not signed a contract with Lil. My wife sent in the application and our profile last wk but the profile was incomplete. Lil called over the wknd asking for us to send her additional information but we had not yet done so. She called tonight saying that she showed our profile anyway and that we were selected. This seems too good to be true and I am questioning the likelihood that everything would fall together so easily. We are desperate to hear from others experiences with Lil. I an skeptical but it is hard not to get your hopes up and be excited. Please PM me your experiences.
Thank you,
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Could you please pm me about your experience with Lil Snee - we too got a call last night! Sorry if this is a repeat message - not sure if first one went through.
I am concerned about facilitator and advertising fees and ethics?
Thank you!
I'd also love to hear from anyone with experience with Lil Snee. We haven't submitted anything, we just get her situations emailed to us. There is nothing for her to contact us with, the situations are more for my education at this point. I'm curious about anyone's experience working with her.
Thanks in advance!
Can you please PM me as well with information? We just found her site and do have a friend who found their daughter through Lil, but I'd love some more information & input. Thank you!
Hi, if any one can pm me and give me info on Lil Snee, we are working with her, we haven't been matched but she has our profiles. I'm concerned about loosing thousands if a match falls through. any info would be greatly appreciated.
Hi all,
My husband and I are just starting our adoption journey and are considering using Adoptlink. If anyone has any info or experiences (good or bad) using Lil Snee and Adoptlonk I would greatly appreciate a PM. Thanks!
Hello all,
My husband and I are also just starting to look into facilitators and agencies and we are considering working with Lil Snee. I would appreciate it if anyone could PM me with any good or bad experiences as well. Thanks!
I just posted a new thread about Adoptlink, I missed this one, but would appreciate any info. Thank you.
Hi. we only worked with lil for a very short time. we had all of our paper work in and a profile book. We were not selected emmediately, but did get selected by another agency 1 day after we were accepted into their program. We did not see the red flag, but we had an adoption failure and 4 months ago and are having a hard time getting them to show our profile because they have all our money. Once they have your money and you sign their contract (usually one sided) you have no power over them matching you. That said, I have to say that Lil was very kind in sending our profile books back to us once we told her were were working with another agency, and she did give us advise on a lot of things. don't let your emotion cloud your thinking, if you are not comfortable with a situation. Have a lawyer look over your contract before you sign. Hope this helps.
Once again, please remember that all agency feedback must be given via private message.
sorry, how do you pm someone
If you click on a User Name the second option on the drop down menu is Send PM
If anyone is watching this thread, I would love information on Lil Snee & AdoptLink. THANK YOU!!
I signed up with an adoption agency not related to lil Snee and we we referred to lil snee saying she had a match for us and we were encouraged to call her so we did and the match seems very good almost too perfect, does anyone know about lil Snee and can someone private message me before i sign these agreements regarding her? Thank you.