Dear Friend,
Hello, my name is Brianna Wing and I am an adoptee. I found your name on and would like to ask for your help.
On April 22nd and 23rd, I will be premiering my own play, "Revealed: Her Story". I wrote and will direct it as part of my senior capstone at Stonehill College. However, I have higher hopes for this production and would like to see a successful first run followed by mass distribution.
What is it?
"Revealed" is a story of adoption, but it is more than that. Crafted from actual personal testimony from many different members of the adoption community, "Revealed" is a chance to hear the actual voices and tales of the adoption community. This is the true story that needs to be told.
Why donate?
I am looking to raise funds to cover the cost of costumes, set, lights, publicity, and distribution in order to create an amazing show that can be shared to the world. This is a non-profit endeavor. You would be helping a good cause and aiding the adoption community.
PLEASE follow the link below to donate. All donators will be thanked and rewarded (see link for more info).
HELP THE VOICELESS BE HEARD, DONATE TODAY. I know times are tough but if everyone donated just $3 we would make our goal. Can't donate, than I encourage you to please tell your friends and pass the word.
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Thank you.
-Brianna M. Wing
Stonehill College '12
Visual and Performing Arts: Theatre Arts