I have been told "one or two weeks" since fs came in October. Mid December I was told it would be til the end of feb. just a week later I was told they wanted him home by Christmas. After Christmas it's back to "within a couple weeks" and yesterday I was told it could still take about 100 days (over 3 more months?!?). Here is where we are at-home study is approved in relatives state so my state is waiting to receive it and approve it (they said they almost always approve it if other state approved it). Don't get me wrong, I'm in no hurry for him to leave but I know it will be easier on him if he goes sooner rather than later. Plus, he will be our first r/u. I have made it clear to my kids from day one he is going to family but still, we are all attached and it won't be easy when he does leave so I would like to prepare my kiddos as much as possible (which looks like an impossible thing to do, lol). I'm can accept him leaving soon or staying 3 more months but the "not knowing" is driving me crazy!
depends on requesting state. as for me it took a few months children was removed in the last part of sept. i went to the state where the children was in custudy spend 1 month there and came back to my state and was a pain in the a** got home inspection in nov got approved in dec kids didnt get home till feb. cause fp wanted to keep the kids. and was fighting the system that the kids didnt know us and these kids lived me with most of there short lives. the kids was only out of my home 3 months till cps stepped in and took them from the mother.
I was told our icpc of 2.5 months was a record in my neck of the woods. I've heard stories of it taking up to 18 months.
The adopters can drive it by nagging both sides and making sure it moves forward 9thats what i did)
Home study approved in receiving state...
has this approval made it back to your state?
been reviewed that they followed your state's templates and protocols?
is it at your state's central repository? or been sent to the local office?
do you know who the gate is? (ours always blames the mail :p )
3-6 months as a guideline (but the sw was saying up to a year). I think it depends on how quickly fingerprints and everything is turned in and how much the family bugs the sw etc.
I agree it depends on how insistent the family is. In some instances, the person doing the home study in the receiving state is in contact with the sending state SW. They can be called to see if was approved or not.
As as SW who has worked in 2 states and done icpc's involving 4 states it can take up to a year easily...but I also have had one done in 3 months.
There is a lot of paperwork and just to get out of the state it goes through a couple of checks to ensure every i is dotted and t crossed....same int he receiving state.
We pushed ours along...but with incompetence of SW and our states involved it took way longer then we ever thought. We were licensed within 2 months but it took another 9 months to figure it all out. Lost paperwork which had to be resent, they didn't send our license to the sending state, etc....the list goes on. And we were actively involved, calling almost every day if not every other day! It was insane. I don't think we could have ever been more involved then we were and it still took 11 months!
Ours took about 18 months start to finish with lots of fighting and yes we could.. no we can't it was a mess.. and it was still "iffy" because the judge did not want to approve at first.
It came down to judgement day and once that judge agreed it was 3 weeks and she here.
I agree with being involved you HAVE to. I went and found my own local sw to get me in on our states side to get everything ready. And I am pretty sure I spoke to sw here and sw worker there on a daily basis. I called the childs lawyer and wrote letters to the judge.. I also had family members write letters to the judge.