Hey all, I'm new around here. I hope that I'm doing this right. I guess we'll see. :)
Dear Valerie,
Yes, I know your name. I know that when I was born, you had red hair and green eyes. I also know that we have more in common than I had considered at one time.
You love to read, but you struggle with math. I always cursed my brain for never being able to understand math once the alphabet got tossed into the mix. Give me the alphabet any day!
I know that in the year that you chose to give me life, a battle was being waged for your right to end it. I know that you struggled with that decision, and in the end, you chose to sacrifice your body, so that I would have a chance to live. You gave tears and pain for me, so that I could breath and so that my heart could beat.
You tried to take care of me, but in the end, made the decision to try to give me chances that you felt that you could never give me on your own. You allowed a childless couple to experience the joys and pains of parenthood, when they were looking at the grim possibility never being able to know that feeling.
As a child, I was angry. Of course I was. I felt tossed aside, unwanted. Then, I began to grow curious. Maybe there was another side to it. Just maybe.
If I could tell you one thing, face to face, it would be this : I am not angry with you. I do not hate you. As a matter of fact, I thank God every day, that you chose to give me life. You did not fail me. You gave me the opportunity to sing and dance, laugh and cry. Love and know the pain of rejection and failure. And the satisfaction of picking myself up and dusting myself off. Were it not for your strength, I would have had none of these things.
When I defend life and adoption, I do so from a very personal perspective. Of a woman, strong enough to do the right thing, even if it cost you dearly.
I thank you, from the very depths of my soul. You are dear to me, even if I never get the chance to see your face.
Susan Marie Winegar ( Birth Name )
Born : Arizona, December 1973
It really great and heart touching lines by you. I was very excited while I was going through the article shared by you. You should continue loving your mother the way you are loving now, may God help you and your mother.
Beautiful. I, along with the rest of your birth family, anxiously await the day when we get to me you in person, again. Your grandmother and your aunts NEVER wanted you to go. You stayed with us the first 8 months of your life. And then you were gone and we could not find you. I was 14 years old and completely crushed. We love you...we always have.