Well I have been doing some serious forum hopping and putting in a lot of research time to determine which Asian country is best for us to pursue. We thought we had settled on China, but I have some concerns about the general health of available children at this time. I have heard great things about the "institutional" care in Taiwan, and my interest grew more as the information came to me. However, I have several questions about the current state of the program and would appreciate some current opinions and information. Please bear in mind, I am realistic and realize the SN program will likely be the only option to pursue in the near future.
I have as of today read three different sets of information regarding income requirements. One site says $80,000, one says $70,000 and yet another states the standard $10,000/household member. What is the real rule?
Does Taiwan allow you specify preferred gender? Or is it an agency thing rather than a Taiwan thing? Is the gender ratio of available children really close to 50/50?
Is each parent required to hold at least a bachelors degree? One site says yes, another say that both must have attended college and one parent must hold a BS, and again yet another site says only one parent must hold the degree with no mention of the other spouse.
What is your opinion about the general health of the children in the waiting child program? How would it compare to that of the China program currently?
I want to thank anyone who is reading this and may be able to answer my questions. Thank you in advance!
Agencies can make up their own rules as they see fit so that is why you are seeing different information out there. Your best bet for the basic country requirements, not agency specific requirements, is the State Department website. [url=]TAIWAN | Intercountry Adoption[/url]
Good luck!
Thank you! I did not realize that vast difference that exists between the world of China adoptions vs. Taiwan. If anyone knows of any agencies that are currently accepting applications for the healthy infant program in Taiwan please PM me, although I know there is a very slim chance of this at the current time.