Hi everyone! What are peoples recommendations for a day trip from Singapore to Melaka? Mainly interested in architecture and sights. We are a family of three and will be traveling from Singapore to Melaka in September. I am trying to figure out Would it be better to take a bus or a train? Where can we buy the tickets, Would it be better to travel by day or night? Any help would be really welcome.
Thanks Please do share your expertise !
Hi Brian, Most of the interesting travel spots in Melaka are concentrated in the center of the city. The famous Jonker Walk or Jalan Hang Jebat is known for its extensive antique pieces and great food options. New cafes and specialty stores nicely dotted the area which only added charm to this amazing lane. Peranakan architecture is very apparent in Jonker Walk.
Melaka tourism is largely dependent on its cultural heritage hence they preserve it as much as they can. Here, you can find many remarkable museums especially in Bandar Hilir area. A Famosa Fort and St. Paul Hill can also be found in this area. These remnants dated as far as 500 years ago and very captivating to see.
Melaka Sultanate Palace museum is situated at the foot of St. Paul's Hill. Although this is not the original palace, it is now home to Malacca Cultural artifacts. Climbing up the hill of St. Paul, you will find ruins of St. Paul's Church, another heritage structure of Melaka.
A'Famosa Fort is among the oldest existing European architectural remains in Asia. It was once an enormous and powerful structure and only the tiny gate survived overtime. It was built by Portuguese commander Afonso de Albuquerque who believed that Melaka would become a port linking Portugal and China.
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