Greetings all,
My sister was moving out of her house last week. This was actually my parents house and I had lived there in the late 70s with my parents and then in the early 90s with my sister. I asked about some of the people in the neighborhood and asked aobut my ex-girlfriend. She died in 1999 and I had no idea. I asked about her daughter and my sister also mentioned that she had a son. I was unaware of this and so I got curious and asked for name, age and any information I could get. He does not have a father.
I tracked him on Facebook and he is a spitting image of me when I was younger. I kept looking since he hadn't posted on Facebook in months and I found him locked up in county for auto theft awaiting trial. He has no criminal record but this charge will certainly give him one.
This kid's been searching for me his whole life but his mother died when he was six and the information given him was all wrong. I have hired a lawyer for him and hopefully the judge will give him a break.
The lawyer I sent says he looks like a "lost soul" but that he is not the "criminal" type. He was happy to have heard the news and he told the lawyer that he always dreamt of going to Cuba to search for me at least to be able to see me for just one day. I live in Panama and not Cuba which is how misinformed this poor kid was.
Any ideas on what might be going through his mind and how I can best help him.
Thank you for your help.
Yeah, I wrote him a letter and the lawyer already gave it to him. Said his eyes watered and asked if he could read the letter and see the pictures in his cell.