Hello everyone, my name is Valinda and I'm a newbie to this forum, which I found accidentally while browsing the internet. I am a single mom and live in Texas, where I have an 8 year old adopted black boy (not bi-racial). He is adorable and has been the greatest joy of my life. I am re-posting a question I put into another discussion thread, so my apologies for the duplication. My question to you mothers of little black boys is what type of haircut do you give him? I am currently having Curtis where a "zero" cut, which is basically shaved almost clean with clippers all over his head. It looks like someone drew little dots or sketched hair on his head. After experimenting with different styles and lengths over the years I have found this to be the most manageable look for him because his hair is extremely course (nappy) and therefore nearly impossible to comb or brush with him still looking presentable. I think he looks very sharp, nice and neat if you will, and I often receive compliments from others on how cute he looks. Where I live it stays relatively warm all year so this is his standard look. I am posting this thread because recently a white mother of a bi-racial child at my son's school (I'm Hispanic) questioned my decision to cut his hair so short, in her opinion, saying he was "bald-headed" and little boys shouldn't be bald-headed. My son's teachers have no problem with it and nobody else has ever confronted me about it until now. But it made me wonder, when is a boy's hair too short? Also, based on how I described my son's haircut would you consider him bald-headed??? I thought only men who shave their heads with a razor were considered bald-headed but I guess my son could be included in this description as well, I just never thought of him like that until now. Any feedback or thoughts you can share on this would be greatly appreciated and I'm very happy to be part of this forum!
I'm AA and can tell you...unless you're going to grow it out long keep it cut short. My brother is 5 and he gets a low fade haircut which is pretty popular. Ask your son what he wants too. Frohawks are getting pretty common as well and are super cute! They can be done by braiding or like a regular mohawk (shaving the sides.)
And no I don't think he sounds bald. Just sounds like a short haircut. In my honest opinion, a boy's hair is too short when the skin is being removed from his scalp. That is just my opinion though.
[URL="https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTTaY9yBAfsYJHXnM-gnW-bdpU9_z6Sv710QXk9JlbDY-qzIWGH7w"]Low Fade haircut[/URL]
The shortest I cut my biracial son's hair is 1/8". If your son likes his hair the way you cut it then that is all that matters.
I'm in Texas too and most of the young AA(African American) boys in elementary school have very short hair, as do plenty of CC(Caucasian/white) boys. As long as he isn't bald/shaved, it sounds like his hair is kept extremely short. I think it is a nice clean look and certainly one is easy to maintain. As the boys get older they are able to grow it little longer because they can then deal with keeping it combed and neat.