My late mother, Janet Lee Orr, delivered a baby boy in the state of Michigan in the late 1940's. I know very little about him, except that his name might be Joe or Joseph. My mother was 16 or so when he was born, and lived in South Bend Indiana. She was sent to a maternity home in the state of Michigan for the duration of her pregnancy and the delivery. The biological father was a University of Notre Dame student, and his family knows nothing of the birth so I won't name him in this forum out of respect for his privacy, however I do know his name and current residence. I don't know the name of the maternity home, nor its location, although I know it was driving distance from South Bend. Would very much love to make contact with my half brother.
UPDATE - Subsequent to my initial posting, I learned that the name of the maternity home my mother lived in was the Florence Crittenton home in Jackson, Michigan, and that the baby boy she gave birth to was perhaps adopted by a physician who lived in Ohio - perhaps Toledo or Cleveland... any assistance would be appreciated!
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