We finally have a court day to finalize our adoption on our son!! It's been 18 months, typical DCF up's and down's. In one month our little angel will be our's officially and I realize I don't know what to expect on Adoption Day.
We have lot's of friends and family traveling to us to be part of this special day. We want to have a celebration afterwards too.
What is it like in court? We wanted a relaxed party..serving Captain Cave Man's favorite foods..Pizza and Pasta. Is that silly?
Can anyone with Adoption experience let us know what the day might be like? We have 1 month to get all our planning done..the countdown is on! YEAH!
I finalized my baby's adoption last year and it was a very special day. That being said, it was over within 10 min! The judge will review brief facts from the case, ask if you are willing and able to parent the child... Once you say yes, they will officially name you as the parent(s). In my case, the judge came down and took pictures with us! My attorney handed me the certified adoption decree before I left the building. All of our family and friends attended and we went out to dinner afterwards and took family photos.
Take in every moment because the feeling is second to none! Especially after all the ups and downs of foster care and placement. God bless and enjoy!
Ours was very similar. I loved the judge that did it because she was so relaxes about little girl running all around the court room and even let her come back in her desk area and draw with the judges highlighters. Court was an hour away from our house and so we didn't have our family there but our cw came and the visitation supervisor came at our request, and we also invited her bio grandparents. It was very special but very quick. There was a lot of nodding or saying yes to the judge asking us if we were ready to parent and were ok with the subsidy and if we thought we had full knowledge of her medical needs.
That is so exciting! I hope to get a date tomorrow. My secret home is that it will be tomorrow! I might go crazy if we have to wait more than a week.
Can I jump in with a question? Who did you invite? My friend who has adopted 7 children said just immediate family has been the most special for her. That would mean our family and my mom. Should we invite a few friends? A lot of friends?