I am currently in the process of attempting to file for a stepparent adoption here in Oregon. My husband is adopting my 9 year old daughter who has not had any contact with the biological father since 2004. We purchased out petition online from [url=]Stepparent Adoption Forms and Preparation – Adopt a step child Reliable[/url] and so far I have not had good luck with the forms, but maybe it is just me.
I am filing here in Washington County so I have to file with the Probate Clerk's Office and yesterday I took the entire adoption petition packet in and was told they could not accept it because I was submitting too many forms that may not apply. I would need to come back and submit the correct ones.
So I contacted Reliable Adoption and they sent me an email with what forms I would need to file initially. So then I went back to the clerk's office today and was told that she could tell by looking at the forms that the format looked wrong, and that the forms needed to be put in the order that I wanted to file them with the thought was...ORDER? What Order? So she let me submit the paperwork for review and pending approval that is when I would have to pay the court filing fee, but if they are not approved then I am back at square one.
Has anyone had any experience filing for a step parent adoption here in Oregon on their own? I am looking for some help as I feel that I have exhausted all available resources and just still can't figure out the process.
Feel free to email me or comment on this thread. Thanks for any help you have to offer!