Hello Everyone!
My wife and I have decided that we want to pursue adopting a child from Taiwan in the near future. I had a few questions and was hoping that maybe I could get some clarity on a few things I've read different places.
1. Does Taiwan match expecting mothers to couples waiting to adopt? I've read some places that they do but I've read elsewhere, that they do not match mothers to couples.
2. What was your experience with waiting for a referral? How long did you have to wait?
3. I would like information on the following agencies please, if anyone could PM me information that would be great. I'd like to hear your personal experience with them, if you have any:
Child Welfare League Foundation (CWFL)
For Every Child
The Home of God's Love
Any information on these agencies would be greatly appreciated!
4. My wife and I will be moving to a larger home at the end of the year. I will also be graduating from college this fall and looking for a new job. Over the next several months what are some things we could be doing to start setting things in motion? Clearly I would not be doing the homestudy until probably the start of next year, but I'd really like to start working towards being prepared for that phase as soon as I can.
Thank you all for your time and any information you may be willing to share with the both of us. We are really excited about the thought of adopting our child from Taiwan and look forward to beginning the process as soon as we can. Again Thank You! :thanks:
Really if anyone has any information my wife and I would really appreciate some help through this process. You can PM if you would like with anyone info you may have.
Taiwan does not have a centralized adoption system, as China does. Each social welfare agency handles the matching of children to adoptive parents. There are some programs that run maternity homes and let the young mothers select their children's parents from profiles of prospective adoptive families. There are also programs in which the birthmothers are not involved with placement decisions.
You may find the information on the State Department helpful in your research. [url=]TAIWAN | Intercountry Adoption[/url]
Good luck!
Thank you all for your responses! Sak9645 Do you have any idea which agencies do have maternity homes that mothers select prospective adoptive parents from?