So I'm not sure if this is the right place so correct me if I'm wrong..
I was born June 19, 1987 and was named baby girl Guerra. I'm searching for my birth mother(Hilda Guerra) or any other family members I may have. From what I know I was born in MD but taken to Providence Hospital and put into foster care to be adopted.
I tried to start my search last year but kind of reached a road block and I'm not quite sure what to do or where to go from here hence the need for advice.
I contacted Children and Family services in DC and they began the search for my file. I was obviously told to get all the information I needed/wanted I would need to petition to the court but they would give me what they were legally able to when they located my file. Files before 1992 aren't electronic so they actually had to search. After some time of waiting, I received a letter stating they had no record of me(even though they had record of other foster children that my adoptive mother cared for). Since I got this news I've kind of been at a standstill.. do I petition the court and possibly get rejected since I don't have a medical condition? Is it possible I was adopted through an agency even though my adoptive mother says I wasn't?
Any advice or help would be really appreciated and welcomed.