The last part of my home study is today at 3pm! :banana:
After multiple employee turn overs in the agency, the agency's Therapist will be coming out to look over the house. She says that she's only available from 3-3:30p today. Kind of short notice, since she contacted me just this morning. I was told by a previous trainer, that this part of the study would take two hours. I'm getting nervous as to what to expect...30 minutes, or two hours??
My bedroom has boxes piled in it, since I'm moving some stuff in/out storage, and decluttering. Is this going to be an issue? I can get them stacked neatly before she gets here, but have no where to "hide" them. LOL. And today is major laundry day, since we are leaving town Friday afternoon. The house will be cluttered, but not dirty. How much might this affect the visit? Supposedly, she's checking for fire extinguisher, first aid kit, meds locked up, etc.
Hmmm..I might unpile the boxes. If they are close to the floor your fine and you can explain that you are in process of unpacking still. But if they are stacked high, Id figure something else out. :)
It shouldn't be a problem. Just don't create a hazard with the boxes and make sure you can get to all windows to show they open. I would just say "Sorry it is kind of crazy in here. We are packing for a vacation on Friday. If I had more notice, I could have cleaned it up but I am hoping you can overlook it so we can get this done!"
It depends how cluttered the house looks and on the person evaluating. I know one person from our agency things anything constitutes a messy house while all the others are much more laid back. Can you finish up the laundry by 3? If not, maybe just keep it all put away in the laundry bins. Good luck!
Our LW never walked in any other room except the designated kid room. She just stood in the hall and looked in each one. She didnt go in basement or in garage either. Passed with no prob. Her inspection lasted about 15 minutes, rest of the time we sat and talked. We have a large toolbox that serves as a first aid kit; she commented we had the most " adequate" FA kit she ever saw!! Lol.. Being a nurse, I'm prepared for anything (well, almost anything) lol!
I had tons of time to prepare and stress for our home visit so I cleaned and organized everything - and I mean everything. I scrubbed out the cupboard under the sink, deodorized the trash can, organized the hall linen closet, totally overhauled and decluttered the laundry room and back porch, etc. I was kind of disappointed that the LW didn't really notice any of that, LOL. All she wanted to see was the fire extinguisher, the non-skid bath mats, the gun safe and the locking boxes for medicines. She didn't even ask to see the kid bedroom, but I wasn't going to let her get away without showing her how nice I had it fixed up!
Later, the same SW told us that this was pretty normal, that she's had prospective foster parents complain that she didn't notice that they had cleaned their mailbox, and we all had a good laugh. I think you'll be fine. :)
Whew, It's over!
I had the fire extinguisher and the first aid kit out, ready for her to see(I'm a nurse, so EXCELLENT first aid kit), and she didn't even look at them. She stayed in the living room talking for an hour, then upstairs to see the smoke detectors...that was my whole visit.
I'm glad it's over, but kind of a let down after all the stress and worry over the whole thing.:arrow: Now, I just have to wait for my license in the mail, and my first phone call!
ETA: She didn't look in the bedrooms or the bathrooms, and just glanced at the kitchen on her way to the stairs. Seriously, the actual walk through was less than 5 minutes!