Healthy Unborn Baby for Adoption Please help.
Hi My name is Dr Cedric Huffman. i am from Africa, The girl in question here was rapped by a tourist and she is not willing to keep
the baby because she can barely survive and her only family member is her brother who is mentally deranged, She is now 6months
pregnant with the child and it is a male child to be precise, so if there is anyone out there who can help this girl adopt her baby then
that will a very Godly thing to do. the baby is healthy and so is the girl. you can talk with the me and the girl face to face, on skype if
you want and you can reach me via the contacts below:
Phone: +23753802262
Skype: dr.huffman1
NB: The girl can give birth in your country if you wish. or you can start making plans now and wait for the baby to be born and then
you can then adopt him. please contact if there is anything you would love to inquire about this girl or her baby.
God Bless
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