I saw a very fishy post online from someone who said she had babies available for adoption. I could tell it was a scam but I was curious exactly what it was so I responded. To make a long story short they say that they are working with an adoption agency (which does exist) and can process the paper work for the adoption as soon as I send them money. After that, they say, the adoption would be guaranteed.
The story they are telling is not plausible and I'm sure most people wouldn't fall for it but after doing some googling I found that they've been pulling this scam for a while so I'm assuming that there are at least some people out there that are gullible and desperate enough to send them money.
Should I report it? If so, where and how do I do that? I have a name and zip code where they wanted the money sent too.
Can you see if the adoption agency is a reputable one? Does their BBB rating look good? Have you checked online reviews? If so, I would call the agency and let them know about your feelings. If they are reputable, I am sure they would be appalled that their name is attached to such a scam.
If you question their ethics, I would contact the agency in your state that licenses agencies and report your concerns.
The alternative is to contact the law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction over the zipcode you have been given.
Good luck!
You can report any kind of scam (whether adoption related or not, like people calling to tell you someone wants to give you money and you just need to provide your bank account number) to the attorney general's office. If you have a name and address that money was supposed to be sent to, call the AG's office in that state.