Hi there everyone. I'm reaching out to see if anyone has btdt with an adoption from Oregon foster care. I know there's a state forum but it's dead!
We have our homestudy and are approved to adopt. There is no foster-to-adopt program in OR, as they consider all foster to be focused on RU. We've agreed to be a respite resource but otherwise are looking to adopt only; an older child in the 10-16 years old range (older is OK, but definitely not much younger).
I'm really surprised by how few children are currently available for adoption, and wondering if others in the state have experienced a significant wait time. There are 61 cases seeking placement in the entire state. Only a handful of them are teens (maybe 5). Is this normal for Oregon?
I really wanted to stay in Oregon, for cost considerations as well as being a good citizen of my state, but we've started considering going outside to another state. Any thoughts or advice?
Hmmn, I would definitely give Oregon a shot before looking elsewhere. I adopted a 4 year old fairly quickly. I do have friends who waited longer, and ended adopting a 5 year old (which was within their age range).
What does your worker say?
We have been foster parents in Oregon for almost 3 years. We are strictly foster. Of the 11 children placed in our home 2 were eventually available for adoption. I hope this helps. Good luck.
Check out A Family For Every Child. They have multiple Oregon (and surrounding states) kids available for adoption and have younger children and sibling groups too. They even have 'matching help!'
There are over 40 branches of CPS in 16 Districts across the state, each maintain their own cases. The problem is getting your home study in front of the CW'ers making placements. (The 51 figure seems waaaaay off, I'm sure Portland alone has more available kids than that) organizations like AFFEC can help with matching. Since you are specifically wanting an older child and they are considered the hardest to place (since most want younger) I would think your wait should'nt be long!