I was bummed we had bad timing and the migration took place over Birth Mother and Mother's days, but I still wanted to acknowledge it. I assume that birth mother's day is a different experience for different situations. I share an office space here with my good friend/co-worker who is a birth mom. I wanted to share what she said on Birthmother's Day:
"Today is National Birth Mother's Day! Being a birthmama is a mixed bag. The greatest joy as well as the deepest anguish have been a part of my path. the sweet/bitter ratio has fluctuated through the years. I didn't always know how I wanted to represent my story and who I wanted to give access to, as it is so sacred, but it has always lifted and comforted me to have those who love me acknowledge my experience and the emotions attached. Please, if you know a woman who broke her own heart to give her baby all that she could give AND all that she couldn't, reach out to her today in love and support. Ask her what it feels like THIS year and try to feel it with her.
To all of my dear dear sisters---my eyes well and my heart swells as i search for the words. What would we do without each other? I am so glad I never have to know! I can't say the love and respect and gratitude that I have for you all! I honor your strength of character, courage, wisdom, and self sacrificing love and I thank you for being in my life! Our burdens are lighter because we carry them together and our celebrations are louder because we celebrate together!"
She says every year the day feels a little different. She says it's been better for her since her and her son have reunited. Still, there are aches that never go away. She is part of some really great groups that get together for retreats and she says the sisterhood there has really impacted her life. If you want more info on that, please message me and I will ask her, or you can email and I can reply to you there.
If anyone would like to share about how the day affected you this year, please feel safe to do so.
Simple put I'm a mother. I don't need to be relegated to a different day. We celebrate Mother's Day and that is it. There aren't any groups near me that do reflection rather than celebration.
Why anyone asks a woman to celebrate what is probably the absolute hardest and in many cases worst day of her life is absolutely beyond me. I was not wise, brave or courageous. I was beaten down, manipulated and coerced and I believe that is the truth for many mothers, even now.
Mother's Day only at our house, always has been, always will be.
Mother's Day is All Mother's Day in our home.
Don't need another Day set aside for Birth Mother's Day or Adopted Mother's Day or Foster Mother's Day or Step-Mother's Day or even Grand Mother's Day or......
In our home it becomes too offensive and/or too exclusive to too many!
Happy Belated Mother's Day to (((all)))
How interesting it was to avoid the day completely at!!