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Our birthmom is due the end of January and we don't have a baby item in the house. People say it will jinks the situation if I prepare the nursery now, what do you think? I was hoping for the "perfect" nursery to bring our baby home to but now i'm not sure. Please respond!
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If it were me, once we were matched, especially with the go ahead of an agency or counselor I would get started...if there was any doubt at all I would wait just because it would be depressing to have an empty nursery :(
Personally, I will wait until we have our baby home - I'm planning on putting a bassinett in our room to start - and decorate the nursery then!!
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Well a birthmom called us up about a month ago. Since then we have gotten agency/attorney etc. Birth parents have signed and entrustment and we have been to several Dr.s appt. She is due the end of July so i'm just not sure!
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I have only been signed up with our facilitator for a month and they told me to get ready because the birthmom that picks you may only have a short time before she gives birth. I like to be prepared. It really isn't depressing to look at my baby room. It gives me hope that I know I will be a mom soon. But it is up to the person on how they will feel. Congrats.....