So we are going to be moving into a MUCH LARGER bi-level house. The house has 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, LR, DR, Eat-In Kitchen, Family room and 2 car garage. The grand master bedroom is HUGE... I haven't measured yet (doing that Thursday) but I would say at least 150 sq ft if not more! The other rooms are smaller but I would say 100 sq ft each. However, the house does have a Family room. My husband has said maybe we can turn that into our bedroom. Does anyone have any idea on if the division would ok that? I know they are always concerned with the children in placements rooms and none of the other kids or parents rooms... but the room has a door going out back and windows. So I don't see why they wouldn't allow it... Just wondering if anyone went through this before. Hoping my 10-year-old can have her own room and my newborn nephew, his own room when we get him when he is born in Mid-Sept.
Also since the grand master bedroom is so big I want to make that 2 of my nieces/foster kids (4 yo and 2 yo) and my 6-year-old daughters room. Would that be allowed?
Check with your agency. In New York, the room has to be at least 30 x 30 and have a door. Also, you can't have more than 3 kids in a room. but your idea sounds great!! So does your house!
We met with the casewoker yesterday and she saw the whole house!
So there are no issues with the foster and non-foster children sharing a room since they are all the same sex. The grandmaster bedroom is 224.8 sqft so she said 4 children could be licensed for that room. The 2nd largest room is 120.97 sqft she stated 2 kids would be licensed for that room. The 3rd room is 97.1 sqft she stated it could be licensed for 2 kids (but I dont need it to be so no big deal!) Also there is a bonus room that the previous owners used as a closet. The room is 95 sqft and can be used as a 3rd bedroom for possibly up to 2 kids (but again I dont need it to be so no big deal!)
She stated that we can turn the family room into our room if we put up a door for privacy. So we plan on doing a sliding door.
What I am thinking is that BD(10), will have her own room upstairs in the 2nd largest room, BD(6), FD(4) and FD(2) will share the grandmaster bedroom, and FS will have the 3rd bedroom upstairs... the bonus room downstairs will be my husbands office and the family room will be our bedroom!
I would take what ' Case Management ' says and ' run with it ' , but I would also get what she is saying ' hardcopy ' or in writing!!
' Turnover ' is very high in this field, and we never know what the next Case Management will do say, act, or respond as well also!!