Our son's birth mom loves receiving updates through the agency - we currently just print photos and send them.
Does anyone do something fun? Fun albums? Shutterfly? Do you do this multiple times a year? What are some fun ideas that you have done or received?
Hi Natalie,
I'm sure there are many fun traditions or ways to communicate. Someone I know keeps a Facebook group page where they upload pictures of their child. The group has a privacy setting so it's not public. It's a place for the Birth Mom to see a collective group of pictures as the child grows up. There isn't communication, just a place to post pictures.
In the end, it's also a story documenting so many important things in the child's life that all in one place. I thought it was a great idea!
I love sending photos and video clips to my son's birth mom. My husband and I just adopted our son two weeks ago, but we gave her an empty photo album in the hospital with a cute saying on it and told her we would send her photos frequently. She loved it and asked me to send as many photos as we are comfortable with. I am also working on a Shutterfly book of the day he was born and plan on doing one each year around his birthday so she can see what he is up to and stay updated on what is going on in his life.
Great and suggestion in this thread. I look forward to trying some of them out. Thanks for sharing.
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