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I adopted my daughter through foster care in 2011. She is 8 now, and I have always been open to her about her story, providing her with age-appropriate information. She is currently seeing a therapist to work through her issues relating to the adoption- as much as I love her, and she loves me, she will always have a piece of her heart reserved for her bio mom.
The situation is too dangerous for us to reach out to the bio mom, although if my daughter decides to do so when she's 18, I will support her every step of the way. But I would really love to provide my girl with a relationship with extended bio family. She has half siblings in several different families - they may or may not even know about her, or each other.
I reached out to DFPS, but they said they couldn't reach the families at the phone numbers/addresses on file. They said they couldn't find one of the siblings, but via google search, I was able to find the Citation by publication for his TPR.
Is there anything more I can do to reach out to to these families, or to extended family like an aunt or something? I'm pretty sure I could find them online in this day and age, but I hesitate because I'm not sure if would be the best way to go about it, or if it would even be legal