A lot of the time when I tell people I placed my daughter for adoption, their reactions are "oh I'm so sorry". I don't know how to respond to that. I'm not sorry. Sure, it's hard. But I am not the least bit sad or sorry that I got to carry a beautiful human, and that now I get to watch her grow up in a happy home. How do I say that without sounding rude? I know people mean well, but it grates on me sometimes.
Maybe just say, "I wouldn't change a thing" or "I'm happy with my decision." I've always hated it when people have said it to me as an adoptee. I feel like they are assuming an awful lot. When I think of it being said to a birth mother. I can't imagine a circumstance where that decision wouldn't be difficult or painful. Just think of it as them saying they are sorry you had to experience those feelings, not like they are apologizing for the entire adoption.