We have done two previous adoptions from a non-Hague country and we brought our girls home on IR-3s after we did full and final adoptions in their home country. We have recently learned that one of our daughter's biological little brother has just been put in the same orphanage and we would like to consider adopting him. The legal process from the home country is terrible and entirely uncertain though, so I would like to consider doing an IR-4 and adopting him in the US instead.
Does anyone know what we would need to bring to the visa interview to proof that we have legal guardianship of him? The directions just say "proof" but it's unclear to me what the standard would be. Would we need to have a full court process or perhaps just a document from the orphanage with a lawyer present that grants us custody?
Any other insights between the different process for IR-4 vs. IR-3 would be helpful. The USCIS websites and instructions seem vague.
Thank you!