My first post was mis understood. So I am hoping to clear things up. I and my twin brother have been up nights trying to find our birth mother with a very common name. Here name is Gail Robbins (not sure of first name spelling). She was in the Air Force around 1971-74, stationed in Virginia. We have gone through year books and ofcourse have checked all forms of social media. We are on Ancestry and have found family with the same last name. Unfortunately, they are from another state and dont know who she is. They are cousins only. Unfortunately, though we have found our birth father, he doesnt seem to remember much. She supposedly put us up for adoption behind his back.
Someone responded to my post very sarcastically, and as you could imagine for us this is not a joke. He decided to tell me this was an easy DIY. If it were easy I wouldnt be here after 44 yrs of wondering.
Here is my original post:
Hi All,
I really appreciate this forum. My twin brother found our Birth Father via a DNA search on Ancestry but we cant find birth mother. Her name is Gail (or gayle) Robbins. She was in the Air Force as was my birth father Myke (Michael) Reid. We think they were both born in 1953. She was in Carson, Ca at some point. We were born twins Helen & Roby Robbins in Los Angeles at Cedars of Lebanon (now known as Cedar Sinai) in 1974.
As we understand it, they knew each other only a short time while serving in the Military. Come to find out, when he saw her again she had already given us up for adoption without his knowledge or permission. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, based on the short time they knew one another he cant provide us with much information.