My daughter in-law is searching for her younger half-sister. My DIl's maiden name is Sara Jane Millican. Her younger sisters name at birth was Kandus Danielle Taylor or Kandus Danielle Taylor Millican, not sure exactly if the father's last name was given to her at birth. Her date of birth is 11/17/2000. Her birth mother's name is Michelle Taylor. The birth father's (also Sara's father) name is Jason Daniel Millican. She was born in Sevierville, Tennessee.
At some point a few years later, Jason and Michelle split up and Sara stayed with Jason and Kandus remained with Michelle. Sara has not seen her sister since then and does not remember exactly how old they both were when the split occurred. Later on, Michelle lost all parental rights to Kandus. We do not know if, where or how long Kandus lived in foster care. Around 2010 or possibly after, Kandus was adopted by a couple living in Owensboro, Kentucky. Sara was able to contact a social worker familiar with the case and although she could not give her full details of the adoption, she did tell her to start looking in Owensboro, Kentucky.
We have searched and found the name of a child in an article on the cross country team listing Kandus Taylor-Garrett as a team member. That newspaper was the Owensboro Messenger-Enquirer and the issue date was October 20, 2010. Unfortunately, there is no picture of this child in the article.
In another article in the same newspaper dated for February 29, 2012 a child is listed as Kandus Garrett and it does have a picture that we strongly believe is Sara's sister Kandus. This child is in 4th grade at the time, but would've been 12 years old. Considering Sara was held back in school a couple times due to moving a lot from state to state, it is only reasonable to assume that Kandus may also have been held back a year or two in school. Both articles list the child as being a student at West Louisville Elementary.
Sadly, this is where our paper trail ends. We called all high schools local to Owensboro and were told by each that they have no Kandus Taylor Garrett or Kandus Garrett in their systems. She recently turned 18, but if she was held back as we believe, she may be in 10th or 11th grade.
Can anyone here tell me where we should look next to possibly find this young lady? We have tried People Search, Find My Family, Ancestry and Archives and so far have not had any luck. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone might be able to give us. Thank you.