My husband and I have gone through orientation/preliminary application and are now working through the application paperwork. We recently came across the in-depth finance part (asking for debt, credit cards, etc). We have accumulated debt via credit cards, student loans, and medical bills. However we do at least pay the minimum payment and are working to pay the debt off...but it will take years to completely be debt free. Is this going to affect us becoming Foster Parents? Do they look into your credit score/debt that critically? Honest Thoughts?
It may just be your agency (or state requirements?) I am going through adelphoi agency (I am in Pennsylvania ) and my financial paperwork was very, very general and did not ask about debt at all. although they did look into my income for the past 10 years.
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I have never heard of this either. We just had to fill out our expenses, show pay stubs and I think MAYBE our bank statements for 1 or 2 months.
Unless this is for an adoption, I am not sure why this would all matter? Here in Texas we just had to prove that we are financially stable enough to care for ourselves and do not rely on the money that is given for the children.
We only had to give that much information when we were buying a home! I could not imagine my agency asking for all of that, or why it would even matter if you are capable of paying for your expenses.
Before moving forward I would recommend asking your agency this question so you do not waste time pursuing if that will disqualify you. Sorry I do not have any answers for you! I just find it so weird that they do so much digging! Our agency just wants proof that we have a source of income, and then takes our word for what our bills are!
I hope it does not affect you in any way and good luck!
Are you doing foster care or adoption? For the adoption, I had to show I could support myself and the kids on my salary (in case the subsidy was held up). They want to know that you're not in it for the money... which is a joke!