My abuser (biological father of my son) is an llegal alien, alcoholic, drug addict charged with 2 counts domestic battery, stalking, drug paraphernalia and more.
I left abuser, bio father in December of 2013 my son was 2 years old. Met my husband spring 2014.
The biofather didnt contact me, didnt support my son, never paid child support. Biological father is not on the birth certificate and my son has MY last name. Fast forward 2019 my son is 8 my husband and I have been together for 5 years. All great. Received a call in 2017 regarding visitation of my son of course i disagreed told the caller biological fathers new girlfriend to have him take me to court.
Figured that wouldn't happen.
Took a whole year before they could hire an attorney. Spring 2018 I was hit with petition to establish paternity my husband and I hired an attorney who denied every motion the biological fathers lawyer requested.
In July 2018 Biological fathers lawyer QUIT the case because "lack of interest" and "insufficient payments" biological father was supposed to hire a new lawyer within 30 days of my lawyer would have the case dismissed. Needless to say case was dismissed August 2018 i felt good. My son does not know my husband is NOT his father has no recollection of my abuser. September 2018 biological father was served with petition for adoption so my husband could adopt my son.
We wanted it over at the time it seemed like a good idea.
Adoption case opened Feb 2019 biological father did NOT show.
March 2019 biological father did not show! My lawyer dismissed him from the case, so he thought.
April 2019 my husband and I show our appearance to prove fitness biological father rears his ugly face I court. My lawyer was stunned he told the judge he was dismissed already ect judge looked over notes NOTES WERE WRONG showed he was there time kibe wrong ect ect. Judge ruled what happened before doesnt matter because biological father is HERE TODAY. The judge appoints the biological father a FREE public defender for the case since we are trying to terminate his rights.
I've been a mess since my sons life and my life will be destroyed and controlled by this man again if this adoption does not occur. Sorry it's so long but this is a very serious situation to me I've not handled it well, my son still has no idea what's going on hes an amazing kid I dont want his life flipped upside down.
Has anyone been though something similar? What was the outcome?
How long did your case take? (THE LONGER THE BETTER)
Can parenting time aka visitation be established during a TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS/ adoption case? (Worst case scenario)
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