Hi. I am Maria. I am 31 years old. I'm from the philippines and I am looking for an adoptive parents and who is also looking for a baby to adopt.
I am 5 months pregnant going 6 months. I already have two kids, eldest is 11 years old and younges is 6 years old. I am very willing to give this upcoming baby to someone who is also very willing to raise the upcoming baby and give him/her a better future. Racist or Ethnicity doesn't really matter to me, what matters most is the way they will take care of the baby and give her/him what he/she needs. In regards to expenses we can negotiate on that, I don't usually ask/demand something for my own, just make sure that you will get the baby when I gave birth. I do hope and pray that someone will sent me message amd who is interested for the baby. We can just communicate in any source of communication as much as you're willing too. Thank you much! And God Bless!
Maria Ellene
Dumaguete City, Philippines
I Don't want to adopt a baby but want to appreciate the step you are taking as a mother. Most of the family yearn for a baby but could not have any, they will get their happiness .
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