I'm a single guy still in college with not much desire for a romantic relationship (weird, right?) but, for some reason that I can't explain, I want a family and plan to adopt 2-3 kids preferably siblings. After graduation (next December) I plan on moving
because, I'm not meant for Florida (I want snow). I understand that life will change drastically with kids. My question is, what is your work family balance like now that you have adopted child(ren). Being a single parent, did you take time off work or modify your
work schedule for a while after your children where placed with you. One of my biggest fears about adopting as a single parent is not being there enough for them. Of course I'm gonna have to work, we all can't win the lottery.
I don't plan on adopting for at least a few years until I got my life together after graduating. I just want to learn about every aspect from every point of view that I possibly can.
I can't seem to find much work family balance, just family/home life, would love to hear anyone's experience.