I am in Los Angeles, CA. I have 2 boys who were 10 months and 2.10 years old when placed with me and have now been with me 2 years. Reunification rights were terminated for both parents and TPR was rescheduled for April because DCFS served the mother notice in properly. My concern is that the SW keeps saying that DCFS is asking for TPR but her actions in the case show otherwise. For example, the fathers visits went from 2 hours monitored to now 8 hours unmonitored. The SW said that they have increased visits so that the father can't say DCFS didn't facilitate reunification. The mother has done nothing with her case plan but the father finished his case plan after Termination of Reunification services. During the 2 year placement that father had about 3 different times where he was MIA for 2 months stints and inconsistent with visits throughout. The father became consistent with visit after termination of reunification services was granted. The parents are still legally married but live apart. The mother wants the boys adopted out but the father is fighting for his kids. Domestic violence was a part of the case and the father continues to harass, threaten and use the threat of getting custody of the kids to intimidate the mother. I am worried for the kids safety since the dad has unmonitored visits. I have submitted a copy of the dad's harassing text (from September to November) to the court that terminated the parents reunification rights. While waiting on the TPR court date the SW increased the father visits. The father and his girlfriend fight often, the police have been called out to the house which resulted in SW doing a welfare check 2 days later because their baby was present during the altercation. The oldest child has extreme disruptive behavior after each visit which have now progressed to peeing and pooping on the floor. I have documented every incident along with pictures and will submit for the TPR hearing. During visits the father tells the oldest boy to tell everyone that he wants to live with his dad. The father is and continues to manipulate the oldest boy who is very emotionally fragile. The SW is aware of this behavior but continues to allows unsupervised visit. The boys Dr. ran test and determined no medical reason for pee/poop behavior and suggest a psychological evaluation. I am upset because it appears that DCFS is allowing the boys to become emotionally traumatized. When I drop the boys off for visits the father is in belief that he will get his boys back soon. However DCFS tells me that the recommendation is still TPR. I am concerned to for he boys mental and physical safety seeing that the father has not changed his ways regardless of completing his case plan . I have submitted written proof at every court hearing and will continue to do so. In addition the SW tells me very little regarding the case and my FAA knows less than I do. In addition the youngest boy has a IFSP and is currently being tested for an IEP through the school district. He receives OT, SLP and behavior therapy. The oldest boy receives behavior therapy. The SW says she doesn't believe that the father is capable of handling the needs of the boys. I find myself balancing between advocating for the boys and not pissing the SW off. I have expressed my willingness to adopt the boys to the SW and currently have educational rights because the father failed to sign for the start of regional center services. The boys have had a year of regional center services thus far.
1. Will it be beneficial for me to apply for De Facto parent since the TPR court date is in April?
2. Should I apply for Prospective Adoptive Parent?
3. Is it likely that the father will get the boys back because he completed his case plan regardless of the fact that he continues to have harassing behavior to the mother?
4. Would the SW welfare check be documented in DCFS or at lease come up as flag in the system alerting DCFS to ongoing DV issues.
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