Hello everyone,
My sister passed away unexpectedly and left two minor children (ages 14 and 15) behind. There is no biological father and my mother (their biological grandmother) would like to apply for relative adoption. It is uncontested - the other two family members (me/aunt and grandfather) are unable to adopt them.
There was no will, life insurance, etc., but my mom does not qualify for legal aid based on last year's income. We do not have money for a lawyer. I was wondering if anyone here has represented themselves in an uncontested relative adoption.
I believe we have to file three forms with the court in their district:
Form 8D - Application for Relative Adoption
Form 34H - Affidavit of Adopting Relative
Form 34 - Child's Consent to Adoption (signed after discussion with lawyer)
Is this all that has to be filed? Am I missing anything?
Thank you,