I'm really just wanting to tell my story and hopefully become a little less discouraged.
Almost two years ago we files for me to adopt my daughter, I have been her mother for almost 5 years, she was 4 when me and my husband got together. The background story is mother has had a long history of drug use and being in and out of jail for possession and selling meth. When my daugher was 4 she moved to a different state because she was running from warrants, She was there for 2 years with no visitation only a few phone calls. She came back to tennessee for 3 months and than went back out of state, she has never paid support, She then got arrested in the other start with some felony possession charges, we filed to terminate her rights. She has contested it, due to her charges being pending our case was kind of put on hold pending the outcome of that, well it went through and she got probation, she filed for temp visitation and since a guardian ad litem had not yet been appointed the judge ruled to do that first and the guardians report states it is in the best interest of my daughter for her rights to be terminated and for her to be adopted by me. Shortly after being put on probation, she violated for failing a drug test, she has also failed a court ordered from out case as well, so thats two failed drug test through this. she had to turn herself into the issuing state but ran from it for 5 months. She was required to do a treatment program from jail however the covid 19 interrupted that and she has been released from jail, with the condition she is to complete an outpatient program.
So i guess my point to this is, What are the changes of our case not going through, My daughter is 10 years old and was removed from her custody via emergency order when she was 1. She has never filed to try to regain custody until we filed our petition to terminate her rights and for me to adopt. It has been 9 years and she has made no change in her life style. I know we have a good case. Has there been anyone who had a similar story that could give me some insight on how this may go?
Thanks in Advance.