My husband and I are perspective foster to adopt parents. We live in the state of Texas and just had our home study submitted for a foster child that is a young toddler of Latino origin. My husband is of Italian/ Spanish origin and I am English. I was wanting to get some feedback from Latino adoptee's on their position regarding the tradition of two surnames. When you were adopted did you want the surname of your adoptive family to be used? We do not support the idea of changing the child's given name as we want to support/ celebrate their heritage. Also it has to be said that there is alot of "whitewashing" done in the adoption community.
I am not trying to jump the gun as this situation may not work out but would love to hear adoptee's perspectives. If this child indeed becomes apart of our family I want them to feel as included as possible but still acknowledge their story. I was thinking in the case of a child having 2 surnames it would most likely be more appropriate to move the paternal surname to the middle name and use our family name (in this case the adoptive father's name) as the first surname.
For example:
Birth name- First Name, Paternal Surname, Maternal Surname
Possible name change- First name, Paternal Surname (as middle name), Adoptive Family name, Maternal Surname
I would love to hear your thoughts or any resources you could recommend.
Thank you!