On behalf of myself and my wife, I'd like to share some hard cold facts? Women in the past because of society felt a strong need to protect the married men they were having an affair with. Birth Certificates and Accounts of your past life can be a complete fictional account. One man actually hired someone to portray a Pastor and conduct a phoney marriage ceremony, convincing his girlfriend they were married and so she used his last name as her own on the birth certificate. No marriage record was ever recorded, in fact the man was already married when information was later discovered. The mother in this case took the secrets to her grave and never revealed who he was, like many women have done in the past. Sometimes the mother uses a friends name and relates a story about her friends family and life as if it was her own? Nothing is worse than discovering what you were led to believe your whole life only to discover it was a total fabrication to cover for something and untrue. It's kind of like death to your imagination and people don't warn others enough of this major pitfall in searching for biological family? It happens, what I described happens, and you can go from a high level elation to the pits in emotional feelings and discomfort, agonizing actually.
I had the story the adoption agency provided my adopted parents and it revealed a little information, where they were from for instance at the time of my birth and who was in the family. Years and years later I retrieved my records, you know the ones about me? I had to hire an attorney to retrieve what is mine? You should see who clearly who profits most from these things, that's also very wrong. When I received my records about 40 years ago they told a complete opposite and totally different story. Recently because my entire adopted family has all passed away, I decided to seek out who I was after all these years, at least who it is I came from? I found them all according to the records and discovered a third lie about where they were from and all lived? They never lived in the eastern section of the state and always lived in and around the extreme western portions?
Then it became apparent I had no common traits, no similarities in features, my height was tall and there's short? We simply do not look anything alike at all, not even close.
It ended my whole life of imagining this fairytale existence of another life I might have had or who these people are?
Just dead with nowhere to go, worst of all is "nowhere to even start" ? The State and the Church Adoption Agency completely lied without verifying facts and just wrote it all down as if gospel and take the most chicken way not being accountable or responsible? I could have been aborted or left in a trash can? I was lucky I was adopted by honest people with values and morals, who had no reason to lie to anyone and so they did not.
What kind of a mother tells her own child she tried to abort her twice and failed obviously, "hey, btw I tried killing you twice but obviously failed, so you're ok regardless" that happened to my wife, she grew up with a mother who wouldn't reveal her father but had the audacity to tell her own that information?
It's the law, the state, and the churches who control our rights and they have bungled it all, ....people's lives?
I recommend DNA, without hesitation and without it I'm not wasting a minute of my time talking a good game about anything, science doesn't lie.....only people do and that's my point; people lie be prepared for it. I don't recommend anyone getting into stories or discussions until you have verified evidence, scientific not court records which are falsified? I'm real, I was adopted, and I discovered after waiting patiently my whole life.... my only life that mattered was the one I actually had by my adopted know? The people who wanted me, what more do we need than just to be wanted?
Hopefully you do better than any state or church organization