With a heavy heart, this is something I am researching. I have a child that's been with me for 4+ years. The minute I met them, I knew they would be my child.
Here we are 4+ years later:
6 stints outpatient
1 residential treatment center
1 acute inpatient stay
10+ school suspensions
1 school expulsion
We have tried SO SO SO hard for this child. Therapists, psychiatrists, using community resources. If it exists in my area, I have went down that route. I love my child, to the bottom of my soul. My life has revolved around them since the placement within our home.
I am at the point now where I am scared of legal action. They destroyed my personal property a few times, over the past couple months. Thousands of dollars in damages. Threatened my fiance with weapons, just this past weekend. My child is a teenager now, so it's getting worse rather than better.
Dissolution is absolutely my last resort. They are my child. Through and through. I absolutely know they love me, nothing will ever convince me otherwise.
Has anyone been through this? It will shatter my heart if this is a route I have to go down. My fiance deserves to be a parent and who desperately wants to adopt through foster care, too. My fiance said to me today, "You deserve to have a happy family." That resonated to my core. I never had that as a child and I don't have that now. I am in an abusive relationship with my child.
We are in WV, so I would LOVE suggestions for resources in my state, if you have any.