I run the search cooperative on facebook. We offer free resources to adoptees looking for their parents and relatives. We are beginning a database of state rules with regard to whether changing the birth certificate is mandatory upon adoption in order to encourage hopeful adoptors NOT TO CHANGE THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE, but rather use the original certificate for identification purposes of the adoptee and use the adoption decree as proof of the adoption and authority to make decisions on behalf of the minor who was adopted. Birth Certificate revision is NOT MANDATORY in many states and is often entirely at the choice of the adopter even though its generally automatic because most adopters don't even know they can opt out of this archaic and damaging practice. If you don't see your state on the list please email me at and we will be happy to look up your state's rules and add the results to the database. Please opt out of birth certificate revision; you can handle all business on behalf of an adoptee using the adoption decree and a copy of the birth certificate. Obtaining a passport, consenting to medical treatment, enrolling them in school etc, all can be handled without a birth certificate naming adopters as parents. It is not sufficient to simply save a copy of the original as a keepsake for them as they can't use that certificate for identification purposes and cannot access the birth marriage and death certificates of their relatives with the uncertified version of their original certificate. Please save them from having to fight for a copy of the original from the state and save them the indignity of having their core identity changed even if you change their name as part of the adoption order please leave their birth certificate alone. Don't pay the fee don't file for a new certificate. Thank you.
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State Codes Birth Certificate Revision - Google Sheets
I'm not a lawyer and these links may expire or laws may change. This list is intended to encourage hopeful adopters to opt out of birth certificate revision. This list will grow over ti