Hi there,
I'm 39 years old and was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder about 7 years ago. Since then, I've done a lot of therapy along with DBT (the gold start treatment for borderline) and my symptoms have decreased to the point it doesn't affect my daily life. I'm the 'quiet' subtype, and have a high stress job, successful relationships, a good marriage and strong financials.
I'm scared that this past diagnosis will exclude me from being able to adopt. Considering using a donor egg to conceive but really on the fence- if I can adopt, I'd rather give a home to a group of siblings then create a baby just for me.
Thoughts? Advice?
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Hi I think you are eligible to adopt as I have seen a similar case before.
Considering how long you have been you have followed up therapy aswell.
Please if you like to adopt international
Drop us an Email with specifics and we will help you through
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