We adopted my husband’s great granddaughter. She was born at 34 weeks with drugs in her system, so CPS took custody. BM chose us to take custody and signed consent to guardianship. She had asked us early in pregnancy if we would take baby if she could not keep her. Got emergency guardianship at 6 days old, took baby home from hospital at 8 days old. Bio Grandma (husband’s daughter) petitioned court for guardianship. Court kept guardianship with us twice, but scheduled full trial for 9/15. After paternity results came in both parents consented to specific adoption by us and voluntarily terminated their rights. Baby was 1 month old and we petitioned for adoption days later, once baby had been in our home the required 30 days. Both parents asked us not to alert Grandma as she has harassed and threatened them. Since she was not entitled to notice we proceeded and adoption was finalized when baby was 2 months. This is because we are related to baby and had both parents consents. Private adoption, CPS closed case when we got guardianship. Baby has no state benefits.
BM and Grandma cut contact with us when baby was 1 month. BM is drug addict, and understands she is welcome to have contact. BF fully supports adoption and has continued contact.
Last month Grandma filed a motion to set aside adoption due to not being served notice and now claims she feels her daughter must have been coerced. Unbelievably, a hearing has been set, even though in Nevada Grandma is not a party and should have no standing. Grandma not asking for custody, but wants adoption set aside and guardianship fight to continue in county baby was born. We live in another county of Nevada.
Anyone had anything remotely similar or any advise.
NRS 127 is body of law that governs adoption in NV and is on our side. The case law I have come across also supports us however lower courts have improperly set aside adoption and on appeal Supreme Court has reinstated.
Baby will be 6 months by court hearing and only ever been in our home.