Hi, my name is Jasmyn, I am 21 years old, I am from latin america.
My parents have been abusive my whole life. Family knew, neighboors knew, teachers knew. No one did anything.
I spent my childhood just waiting to grow up, as fast as possible. Just waiting to the day I can get a job and leave.
I wanted to report my parents, but child welfare system do not exist in my country, I didn't know that back then though. The reason why I neve reported them was because I had pets, and my family was abusive towards my pets and I didn't want my pets to end up alone at that house. If I was there I was able to protect them.
As an adult, I didn't manage to keep a job giving the mental health issues I have from my childhood, the situation was getting worse and worse at home and I still didn't manage to move out, and the economy in my country is bad, and getting worse every month, so I was forced to do sex work.
After months working there I completely lost myself, and I ended up dating a client, he started suppoting me and I stopped working. Now I am depending on this man, I'm studying exactly what I want to study, living with my dog in a nice apartment, but I've began to feel emotionally abused and manipulated. He constantly critizing me and making me feel guilty.
All the security I've been craving for my whole life, he gave it to me and then took it away. I have been depressed for the last month, still doing great in school but in the weekends I am unable to get out of bed. I'm stuck. I'm lost. I found a family in him, I found the unconditional love I needed, I desperately needed and crave, but then he told me that if I don't satisfy his needs and the standards he has for a relationships he's going to leave. I thought I finally had to stop running, stop looking and fighting, I thought I made it, finally. I was naive.
This relationship made me realize what I truly want and needs is a family, unconditional love and suppot. I am a good person, I love animals, I help homeless people from my neighborhood, I'm studying to become a performer, I'm studying singing, dancing and acting at college. I love ballet, I love singing, I love jazz, I love blues. I think life is beautiful and I know I have a lot to give, I know the world is selfish and I'm not. I don't want to give up, I really don't want to. I think it might be possible to find a family, my boyfriend said I never will replace my parents, but I don't agree.
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