I'm 32. Desperate for a family who love and care.
My parents divorced when several years ago. Dad abandoned me as soon as my brother was born when I was about 10 years old cuz he always wanted a son. Dressed me up as a boy and made me have short hair before my brother came along. I love my brother, but we are in our own worlds cuz of the age gap. I don't get as much love from mom too, she is very happy with her life being single and all if you know what I mean.
Anytime I ask a gathering she'd say I am not interested I am tired but when it comes to her friends, she is always happily available. Talking always turn into an arguments because she doesn't want to understand or talk about real life stuffs.
I feel like i am falling apart, there is no one to talk to. I'm trying if I can find a family who would be happy to take me as a family. I do not want to get married, seen too many broken relationships. I don't want to get myself into these unnecessary troubles. I only wish to have a simple happy life where I can be respected.
I pray to God that there is a family out there for me. A mom and a dad or either.
I would work very hard to support you in any way I a daughter or whatever it is. I will always be there.. I am not looking to just be adopted and be taken care of. I just want a normal life where parents would guide, care and listen. I have been very unfortunate to be born into where I am. If we get to talk, I'd love to tell you more.