Is there an age limit ?

I'd like to know if there is an age limit for the 'going-to-be parents'?

depends on a lot of things
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Ok, Here's the way it goes.

What kind of adoption are you planning on doing and what kind of child are you wishing to adopt?

Agency Adoption of a newborn- Usually there is an age requirement that you be no more than 40 yrs older than the child you are planning to adopt but in some international adoptions age does not matter and in china for example you have to be a minimum of 35 yrs old although i think they are now lowering it to 30

Independent Adoption- Sometimes the agency will have requirements but usually it is the birth mother's choice as to age and marital status and stuff

Older Child/Special Needs Adoption- Usually not many requirements. You must be over 21 in most states and be young enough that you will see the child to adulthood.

If you have any more questions you can reach me at the addy above.

Age Limits
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We adopted our son last spring and I was just turning 45 while my husband was 37. Some agencies have limits where the combined age has to be less than 100. I know many single and married people in their 50's who have adopted. Each and every case is different. Before you get yourself nervous over this, weigh out the situation when it occurs. You may be worrying over nothing. No matter what, don't let anyone intimidate you if this is what you wish to do. People told me I was crazy for becoming a mother at "my age," but I waited my whole life for this and nothing was going to stop me. Yes, I think about the things like how old I'll be when he graduates high school, if I'll become a Grandmother. That's natural, but not something that concerns me every waking moment. I'm there for him now, I'm young enough to be a "fun" Mom no matter how old I am, and that's what counts for all of us. Good luck and keep pushing!
I was 46 and my dh 47 when we adopted our son domestically 3 1/2 yrs ago. To tell you the truth we were so naive we really didn't even think our ages would preclude us from adopting. By the way, we took our son home from the hospital when he was l day old!! We are now 50 and 51 and I desperately want to adopt a daughter around age 2 or so. Our adoption is an open one via an agency. There are no age requirements in Guatemala and possibly Russia. If you want to adopt there is certainly an agency that can help you no matter your age. I would suggest that you look in the Adoptive Families Magazine at agency ads. Several agencies assist "non-typical" prospective adoptive parents. If you are committed to adopting, you can do it...just be persistent!

Good luck!
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